Japan Communist  League (Unified  Committee)




Japan Communist League (Unified Committee)

April, 2004


  The two revolutionary organizations, Japan Communist League (National Committee) and Japan Communist League (Battle Flag faction) merged into Japan Communist League (Unified Committee) in April, 2004.

  We call all the genuine communists, militant workers/people nationwide to join us and to indomitably work for essential emancipation of working class, as well as oppressed and discriminated people.

  JCL was first inaugurated in 1958 when militant communists in groups deserted the rightist opportunistic Japan Communist Party (JCP) and spearheaded the historic mass mobilization against the revision of U.S- Japan Security Treaty (AMPO). We call it `1960 anti-AMPO Struggle’ against US-Japan military alliance. Though we could not stop the revision, we were able to revive the principle of World Revolution, Proletarian Dictatorship, and armed revolution line in Japanese class struggle.

  Just after the defeat of the 1960 Struggle, JCL (1st BUND) was split into factions, with some groups transferred to other camps based on impractical idealistic ideology and sectarianism. In 1966 various JCL factions re-built the second JCL (2nd BUND) to counter increasing Japanese imperialism’s presence in Asia Pacific region which was symbolized in the automatic renewal of US-Japan Security Treaty and real Japanese participation in the US aggressive war on Vietnam.

  The JCL successfully organized anti-imperialist united front based on class conscious labor movement and powerful student movement. We militantly fought to attain overthrow of Japanese imperialist rule, in perspective of socialist revolution.

  However, because of all-out attacks from state power, and because of our internal weakness of `breakthrough by strategy and tactics alone’ tendencies, and of `leftist opposition’ tendencies, JCL again split into factions in 1970, though they consistently took over the tasks and activities in their own way according to their strategy and line.

  We evaluate that one of the biggest reasons of unripeness of class struggle of Japan lies in backwardness of building of a strong vanguard party. In this light, the formation of JCL (Unified Committee) represents continuation and development of revolutionary tradition, and means a great step ahead to build a revolutionary proletarian party on the front of Japanese class struggle.

  In this light, we JCL(UC) fights to attain the following.

  We fight in the frontline of self-emancipation of working class, in unity with oppressed/discriminated people, and wrestle to revive communism as hope of toiling masses. Under the imperialist globalization which imposes `law of jungle’, people are suffering from hunger, poverty, wars, and increasingly realize that we people can’t survive under capitalist system. Just as communism was great hope to the toiling masses and Marx put up the flag of genuine communism, we witness the expanding voices to demand radical transformation of the current inhuman capitalist system.

  We fight for overthrow of Japanese imperialism that unprecedentedly victimizes workers/people, and pushes through the aggressive, counter-revolutionary war. It not only supports the U.S./U.K-led war of aggression on Iraq, but has forcibly dispatched `Self-defense Forces’ (military forces) to Iraq, also. It further plans to establish militarist  `Wartime Emergency System,’ and to adversely amend the relatively pacifist Constitution. In short, Japanese imperialism has entered a new dangerous phase; it has shown up as one of the front enemy before the people of the world, and is mobilizing Japanese people in the war of aggression to kill other workers/people or be killed in the battle .Our fights for emancipation can’t win unless we overthrow it and establish proletarian dictatorship. This is also the international duty for us communists in the belly of Japanese imperialism.

  In order to fulfill the duty, we tackle to rebuild the frame and formation for class struggle in respective region as well as nationwide, particularly after the post-war class struggle led by social democrats/Japanese Communist Party were thoroughly collapsed. We exert ourselves to organize labor unions as bases for class conscious labor movement, and consolidate the broad united front for anti-imperialist struggle.

  We are convinced that proletarian socialist revolution in Japan is in a close link of the global class struggle, which aims to wipe out the worldwide imperialism and transforms capitalist society into communist society. Now we witness expanding and deepening people’s movement against imperialist globalization across the borders. In close connection with this, anti-U.S. resistance and anti-imperialist national liberation movements have been consistently fought in the third world countries, while tens of millions of people rose up worldwide against U.S./U.K.-led war of aggression on Iraq last 2003. All these are vigorous signs of development of people’s international joint struggle, which undermines global domination of imperialism.

  Now is the very time to uphold the proletarian internationalism. We have been trying hard to establish solidarity relations with revolutionary parties around the world, and build anti-imperialist united front in Asia. We further support advance of global unity among class struggle to overthrow imperialism and win socialist revolution.

  This is the gist of what we should accomplish by establishment of JCL (UC) as the vanguard of class struggle.




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